A 15th Century Manor House in West Sussex

This 15th Century Manor House won a Heritage award for its landscaping. Formal gardens and decorative pools on different levels create a garden of intense interest and beauty. A two storey garden room provides views of the newly created lake and park beyond.

A 19th Century Palazzo in Poland

Chopin played in this 19th Century palazzo in Poland. A distinctive and theatrical, yet simple design was required to match the grandeur of the main building. A recently constructed waterfall and cascade viewed across a lake provides a dramatic view from the house.

A Bold, Contemporary Garden in Patagonia

Located in the foothills of the Andes in central Argentina this bold, contemporary garden has recently been created around a new country house, built traditionally with wood.

With stunning views over a lake towards snow-capped mountains in the distance, simplicity and clean lines were essential to this design. Materials have been chosen to harmonise with the landscape and to reflect the construction of the house.

A large Estate in Albany, US

A large estate in the U.S. needed a garden that integrated this New England home into the landscape, exploited its stunning views and which provided the owners with a garden in which to entertain and relax.

A Mediterranean garden in Provence

This hill town garden is in two parts with a significant height difference between the two. An upper courtyard around the house was created and a simple and elegant swimming pool area below. This presented significant challenges: the huge retaining wall which separated the two areas needed to be replaced, and a crane was needed to move the mature trees and shrubs required to furnish the courtyard.

An 18th Century Country House in Oxfordshire

The garden of this large 18th Century country house in Oxfordshire needed extensive work to exploit its fabulous position and the requirements of its new owners. The proportions of the house itself on its south facade needed addressing; this was achieved by modifying the height of the ground. An unwanted view of a swimming pool from the house was hidden by low box hedges and a flower garden; and a large lake was constructed in the middle ground to the South East to enhance a magnificent view of the Chiltern Hills.

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